A Relapse Prevention Program That Works


Freedom House Ministries is a faith-based, Christian-centered counseling center that provides a wide-variety of counseling services to the citizens of Alice, Texas and in the surrounding communities.

The hours of operations for Freedom House Ministries are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Evening sessions and Saturday morning sessions are also available.

Freedom House Ministries is located at the following address:

Freedom House Ministries
101 West 7th Street
Alice, Texas 78332

Provided Programs

The following programs and counseling services are provided by Freedom House Ministries.

  • Drug and alcohol counseling

  • Anger management

  • Relapse prevention

  • Grief counseling

  • Parenting counseling

  • Marriage counseling

  • Criminal recovery

  • Prisoner re-entry

  • Family counseling


The number of counseling programs offered by Freedom House Ministries is quite impressive. To understand how important this is, let us create a scenario.

John Jones (a fictitious name) has a history of alcoholism, marital problems including spousal abuse, anger issues, numerous incarcerations due to his criminal behavior.

Let us say that Mr. Jones has successfully undergone alcohol rehab. Certainly having a handle on his alcohol problems will help him deal with his other issues to the extent that they are alcohol-related.

Can we safely say, however, that Mr. Jones will automatically have no anger issues, problems with crime, marital problems, problems getting a job as a felon, or stop his spousal abuse simply because he is now sober and on the road to alcohol recovery?

The point: without addressing Mr. Jones' alcoholism AND all of his other problems, he will not learn how to overcome and deal with his anger issues, criminal behavior, marital problems, and spousal abuse.

In other words, Mr. Jones needs to enroll into a comprehensive treatment program that addresses all of his alcohol-related problems as well as his problems that are unrelated to his alcohol dependency.

This is precisely what would be offered to Mr. Jones if he enrolled into the counseling programs provided by Freedom House Ministries.

Indeed, the fact that Freedom House Ministries has counseling programs that address all of Mr. Jones' problems as well as potential issues such as "prisoner re-entry" means that Mr. Jones will be able to get professional help for every dysfunctional aspect of his life.

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